About Studio

Ashish & Viral Parikh of Ahmedabad launched their label ‘VIRTUES’ in 2003 and the label is retailed at selected designer stores across the country and abroad. The team Virtues is a joint effort of Ashish & Viral Parikh with Viraj Mehta & Vikrant Mehta.

The label VIRTUES symbolize heritage, fusion and craft. Through the years the designers have underlined their presence among the country’s premium designer fraternity and have remained the only designer team to showcase at country’s premier fashion platforms from Gujarat. Through the years, the Virtues team has managed to revive the country’s rich heritage of Kalamkaris, Ashavallis, Kota, Mashru, Bagru prints, homegrown indigo and many more. The design team specializes in vintage embroideries and have constantly worked to bring an evolution in the designer & fashion industry.

They have also showcased at the prestigious Miami International Fashion Week and London Premier India Fashion Week.